We convert marine plant waste into a sustainable and efficient building material

The sea periodically deposits tons of posidonia and sargassum on many coasts of the planet.

From this organic waste, POPLAC DEVELOPMENT has succeeded in developing the formula for manufacturing building materials with excellent technical performance.

This new line of materials will undoubtedly be a future reference for a sector that demands more efficient materials every day.




We promote the circular economy.

The future of construction lies in sustainability and the use of new building materials that contribute to the circular economy.

POPLAC DEVELPMENT was born with the aim of creating new building materials with improved, sustainable and in line with the environmental demands of society.

In addition, digitization and the implementation of innovative technologies in the construction process are essential to achieve greater energy efficiency and reduce waste generation Sustainable construction is not only beneficial for the environment, but can also generate long-term economic savings by lowering building operating costs.

It is important to note that this transition to a more sustainable model requires collaboration among all stakeholders: from designers to material suppliers and even local and national governments . Only by working together we can create a future where buildings are respectful towards our planet, without compromising its functionality or aesthetics.
In other words, a commitment to a more environmentally responsible construction is not only necessary but urgent if we want to guarantee a livable tomorrow for our future generations.

Environmental CO2 capture

The industrial manufacture of the material requires a carbonation process that causes an absorption of CO2, converting Poplac Development´ products into net CO2 absorbers.

Therefore, it can be assured that the use of our products helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

It is our responsibility as a company to contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come. Therefore, all our production processes are designed with environmental criteria in mind and we promote eco-friendly practices among our employees and customers. We are convinced that every small action can make a big difference when it comes to caring for our planet.

Efficient research

Poplac Development's development team, headed by researcher Ana Blasco, is made up of scientists and technicians with extensive experience and expertise in the production of new products made from organic waste

Poplac Development's laboratories and offices are located at the University of Valencia's Science Park. A privileged location in terms of technical equipment and facilities.

This whole working ecosystem is very favorable and conducive to creativity and innovation. As mentioned above, the team is made up of experts in different areas who work together with a common goal: to carry out innovative and disruptive projects.

In definitive, we are proud of the place where we are located as it provides us with all the necessary tools to continue advancing in our technological developments.

Being within the Science Park of the University of Valencia is synonymous with quality and excellence in research and innovation, and it has undoubtedly made and continues to make it possible for us to keep developing successful patents.

Excellent properties

The materials that can be developed from POPLAC DEVELOPMENT's patented formulations have excellent properties. The enhancement or reduction of the properties can be varied depending on the needs are required.

Note: based on a specimen sample test of 100/100 mm, thickness of 13 mm and density of 800 kg/m3.




Poplac Devlopment has a patented formulation for the production of a wide variety of products in solid format. Depending on its organic origin, the product is called POPLAC ® (its organic raw material comes from posidonia waste), or SARPLAC ® (its raw material comes from sargassum waste).

The products that work in this type of format are:

  • Interior panelling
  • Interior partition walls and wall linings
  • Ceiling panels under floor slabs



Poplac Devlopment has a patented formulation for the production of a wide variety of products in projectable format. . Depending on its organic origin the product is called POPROYEC ® (its organic raw material comes from posidonia waste), or SARPROYEC ® (its raw material comes from sargassum waste).

The applications for this type of format are mainly as a natural insulator or flame retardant.